Our subconscious has a New Normal!

We held on to dear life in ways of the New Normal. Now, the time has come to harvest those blossoming products which grew upon the earth that we called quarantine. We created this microsite as if it was the subconsciousness of this pandemic to leave a mark in eternity. New Normal is an immortal and virus-free place that we have created together.

Asena Doğan

interested in illustration, graphic design, tattoo and photography. in general, i wish i was born in the 1930s and died in the 2000s. IG: asena.dogan

Baris Cavusoglu

Baris Cavusoglu studied 3D VFX at Escape Studio London. He then studied Computer Science with Games Technology BSc at City, University of London. Later on he moved to Berlin and became a part of Random Collective Berlin. He is now living in Los Angeles and an Experimental Animation MFA candidate at California Institute of the Arts. Some of the companies and animators he worked with include Cartoon Network, Warner Music, Sophie Koko Gate, LeMan. Currently Baris is working for Adult Swim. Baris gives importance to his personal hygiene. Baris likes to listen to Schubert IG bariscavisoglu

Berkin Gülten

Berkin Gülten was born in Çanakkale in 1994. He completed his graduate education by examining G. Bataille. He is an artist whose work is based on formlessness and eroticism. He is currently studying for his doctorate at Anadolu University Sculpture Department on the boundaries of the form. IG berkinkinn

Burka Bayram

Born in 1993, full time graphic designer, part time artist, father of a dog and two cats. IG burkabayram

Derin Kumbasar

Derin Kumbasar(27), İstanbul IG derinkumbasar

Elif Gürlek

I was born in Ankara in 1996. I am currently a 4th grade student in City and Regional Planning at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. But I am more interested in illustration than my department. 
I usually produce my illustrations digitally. IG eliffgurlekk

Gencer Özdamar

Visual Designer. Graduated from Yıldız Technical University, Art and Design faculty, Communication Design Program. Worked in various digital design agencies and mobile game companies as a motion graphics designer. On the other hand worked in Ing group as an UI UX designer for two years. IG gencerozdamar


An artist of Istanbul origin, producing works in different disciplines, primarily in illustration and graphic design, addressing issues such as gender perceptions,society,existence,and based on her personal experience. IG @g_lennis

İrem Aum

i was born in 1998 in istanbul. i am currently studying FLT at marmara university. my work ranges from illustration, ceramics and art direction to styling. i am also interested in music and photography. when i can’t limit my mind, my production process starts. IG iremaum

Kaan Ulgener

London based 3d character and concept artist. IG kaanulgener

Oğul Öztunç

Piknik is Oğul Öztunç, Atıl Aggündüz, Melodi Gülbaba. Piknik aims to play acrobatics between boundaries of art, architecture and graphic fields as a practice feeds itself from 21st Century’s Creative Mechanics. Piknik is Electric Blue. https://piknik.works/ IG oguloztunc

Selin Çınar

I was born in Eskisehir in 1989. I studied Grapic Design in Anadolu University. I was included in many exhibitions and projects both domestic and international. I’m working as a freelancer artist for the last five years. I also had a chance to work with some famous brands such as Adidas, Nike and Apple. I keep working on my own projects in my homestudio. Besides these i am interested in photography
and music. IG axstone_

Serra Şensoy

Graphic/Motion Designer and 3D artist. Interested in various mediums and media cultures. Preparing myself mentally to graduate via my computer screen from art school nowadays. At the moment, writing and visualizing weird poems about individual adaptation into digital age. IG serr_ae

Simay Yaman

I was born in Bursa in 1995. After studying Graphic Design and Photography in high school, I started the Department of Industrial Products Design at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. I find myself more prone to illustration, although I love the product design that I study. Besides techniques like watercolor, gouache paint, marker, I produce digital works extensively. I like to process things that I observe in everyday life using soft colors with aggressive scenarios that are not actually considered soft as content. I’m excited to see pink in the foreground, which I believe is a crazy color when I’m doing it.Recently, I have been continuing my work in three dimensions and I am working on improving myself in this field. IG simayyaman

Süper Normal

SÜPER NORMAL, is an atelier that founded by 2 industrial product design graduates – Edizalp Akın and Özge Çelebi – and produce by experiments on material and process-oriented approach. IG sup.normal

Simay Bahçıvan

She was born in 1996 in Istanbul. She started her education in Graphic Design at Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts. IG simaybahcivan

Uçman Balaban

Ucman Balaban is a visual communication design graduate with a massive passion for all things animation and illustration.His speciality is music videos and short form animation. You can see most of his work from his studios web page www.vamk.co.uk and over at his instagram instagram.com/ucmanbalaban IG ucmanbalaban

Sümeyra Yüce

She was born in Osmaniye in 1996. She started his undergraduate study in AnadoluUniversity Faculty of Fine Arts Paintings Department in 2015. Her works were exhibited in 8th and 9th Bazaart exhibitions and BASE. She was graduated from AnadoluUniversity in 2020. IG sumeyrayucee

Yağmur Güçlü

I’m an artist from Istanbul who does paintings, 3D artworks and interactive projects.Creatures and atmospheres those I mostly use are deformed to symbolize feelings of being alive.
behance.net/jojoyagmur IG: @jojoyagmur

Yasin Aribuga

yasin aribuga who has born in 1995 does motion design, animation, graphic design, collage, photography and also a little bit of AR here and there. IG twenycrows


Ada Kanbo

Adakanbo, is a 1995 born bedroom producer from Turkey. IG: adakanbo

New Normal

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